It’s like gambling somehow. You go out for a night of drinking and you don’t know where your going to end up the next day. It could work out good or it could be disastrous. It’s like the throw of the dice.  –Jim Morrison

To maintain some order during the daily grind, I’m planning on posting my weekend picks Thursday morning with a Manifest Sunday night.  I’m upping the picks to 3 college and 3 NFL.  Tim and I have a deal if I hit a large majority, I’m moving to Vegas and you’ll see my name in lights.  So as a first course we’ll just dub this Appeteazer Thursday.  My picks as always in BOLD.


LSU @ Missippi State (LSU -3) – Hate hate hate riding the Bayou Bengals after the smackdown in Dalls, but you do not want to pass this one up.  Take it from a quacker backer, the tigers are ridiculous on the defensive front and the dawgs don’t stand a chance.  This is a Jbone throat slash blowout.

Ohio State @ Miami (-2) – Flip the script, Love love love riding the U this weekend.  Under a field goal to cover, Buckeyes barely topped Toledo last weekend, and Miami is returning the best team money can buy.  Put some gold on your grill and lay it all the boys of South Beach.

Colorado vs. Colorado State (-7) – The Gage Wheary Grudge Match, where Buffs and Rams tend to drink, rally, and riot.  Love the Buffalo offense this year.  Dumped Cody Hawkins, and replacement QB Tyler Hansen: 2 Games, 697 yards, 5 touchdowns.  More of the same at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  Thinking of renaming my site Charlie’s Authority Manifest at RollingTide.Com.


Green Bay @ Carolina (+9.5) – Rodgers and Co. and all the cheese in Wisco in an absolute blood bath.  The Packers are loaded, Fig Newton get’s dropped against an actual defense, and the Pack fly out of Tobacco Road with an easy W.

Philadelphia @ Atlanta  (+2.5) – The Pitbull returns to the Georgia Dome.  Just a field goal to cover means an easy W.  Donate your proceeds to the SPCA.

Chicago @ New Orleans (-7) – Feel a little bad taking this one with Urlacher mourning his momma, but as I said last week:  Do not bet against Brees when God is still on his side.  Look for loads of yardage and Cutler falling apart in the Big Easy.

Record:  Last Week (2-1-1)     Overall (2-1-1)

Saturday is Constitution Day, so while making loads of money on my picks be sure to grab some Samuel Adams and toast the Fathers of Democracy.  Cheers.

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  1. toledo getting 20 points at home?!?!? yes please. a mortal lock to cover vs boise.

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