“Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs? They get slaughtered.” — Gordon Gecko

Just a quick update on this fine Saturday morning.  For those who don’t know, my younger brother Gage and his buddy Cole are slingin’ pork futures (LH) at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  If I had a seat at the Merc, I would wheel and deal Random Length Lumber (LB) but that’s just because I know my Oregon timber.

Anyways, I’m quietly enjoying my morning cup of joe and my good friend Jimmie gets back from the grocery store muttering how ridiculous the price of bacon has become.  My feelings were quite similar, and who better to explain this malfeasance than Mr. Power Broker himself Gage Wheary.  So I gave the Bean (Gage) a call.  What ensued was bedlam.  Gage called out Jbone because Chinese imports of lean hog had influenced the market forcing traders to hold, even sell short.  This angered Jbone, as he wants his bacon like he wants his women:  Tasty, smoking hot, and available at a cheap price. Although, his malice could have been fueled by the fact he is Filipino not Chinese.  This angered the Gage because he is not racist, and knows only one color……Green.  Then Dwight showed up and kegs started flying.

Back and forth we went, and finally settled on a resolution:  From here on out people, it’s all Steak and Eggs.  If you want the eggs benedict, you better lay a slice of beef on that English muffin.  Besides, Canadian bacon is still Canadian.   So for the time being you best load up on cattle, hold on the hog.

Nobody takes down Wilbur

Now I won’t leave you without some insider knowledge.  This isn’t just a gaming weblog.  Word from the Mercantile is that corn futures will be on the rise at the onset of the new year.  It’s November harvest time and I’m buying futures on Omaha maize.  So ride the huskers and you will be smiling in early March.  And remember, money never sleeps.

That my friends, is how I run my ranch.

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  1. colebot says:

    Charlie, we need to start corroborating on our picks. I went 4-1 so far today and I’ve still got Pitt tonight. Corral your cattle. Holla!

  2. colebot says:

    Also, corn is going to break at the start of the new year, and then slowly rally throughout march. At least it should, Omaha maize usually hits its highs in March. That is how you kennel your canines my friend.

  3. Gagers says:

    blue horseshoe loves anacott steel

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