“The thinnest yellow light of November is more warming and exhilarating than any wine they tell of.  The mite which November contributes becomes equal in value to the bounty of July.” — Henry David Thoreau

Plus, it’s hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain.

Happy November morning from the Pacific Northwest.    Time to get things back on track, so I figured I’d drop a quote from Walden Pond to get some oil in your engine.  But before I do that, I want to personally thank everyone for their amazing comments regarding my last post.  I’m not sure if this site was syndicated overnight, but we enjoyed the most views ever that one day, in a landslide.  This truly made me smile, as I felt extremely strongly about the topic at hand and appreciated people taking some time to read my post.  I was a little nervous posting such a sensitive and controversial post, as my journalistic prowess is probably more Three Stooges than Walter Cronkite.  But I want to thank you all, and now back to the bacon and eggs.

I apologize sports fans, for missing our ever important locks of the week.

I realized recently like Tony Montana, if you want to make it and survive in this grind, you got to hire yourself some muscle.  So we cooked the books and employed some swagger this week to aide the future lines. In the ensuing weeks keep a look out for The Chi-Town Oath, a weekly hit from my buddy Cole, who can add to your parlay.  You may also see a couple drops from TheMissionStatement, aka ConnorBue residing in the City by the Bay.  Unfortunately he went against my NFL picks last week that hit easily, so he is currently sitting in timeout.  This week though, I forge ahead and walk a lonely road on just 1 Line.

Last Saturday was a little brutal on campus, but that can happen from time to time when betting on the youngsters.  However, we rebounded nicely with the pros on Sunday, and covered easily, so obviously I’m just looking to help aide that Sunday hangover, with a nice Monday Night Football Spritzer.

Minnesota @ Green Bay (Packers -13) — All Pack all Day.  Frozen tundra on a crispy November Monday night in Wisconsin?  I will pass, Aaron Rodgers will pass, Herman Cain should pass, Howard Dean deserved a pass, and ultimately pass should you on the Norse of Minneapolis.  I hate double digit covers, but this one is too good to miss.  Bet it, have some cheesy fondue, toast the Wisco lads, pop in some Grumpy Old Men and call me in the morning.

You down to scrap with Predator?  Didn’t think so, just take the points.

Either way, if I were you I would bet the farm….And speaking of The Farm…..


Hey we just La-Smoked you guys, Mr. Geico Caveman.

Green vs. Red and The Christmas Fray in the South Bay sure lived up to the hype.  There was blood, sweat, tears, 198 turnovers, and ultimately an exhausted push-up savvy Duck mascot.  Take a moment and realize the implications of this game.  The script was flipped in a heartbeat, as Stanford’s road went from National Championship to a San Antonio bowl.  Oregon, on the other hand, returns to BCS Championship conversation, or having Puddles chomping on some Roses on New Years Day. Key the music regarding the ridiculous nature of the BCS.  Don’t worry, I will address this in weeks to come.  But hey, at least Boise State lost and a bunch of spuds got real quiet, real quick.

‘Again, we were this close.  Who’s ever even seen a Horned Frog?’

Seems RollingTide Overtime holds some water as everyone on the ESPN GameDay stage sided with Stanford, while we went all in on the Ducks.  Batting 1.000 ain’t bad in this industry.  The story will surely be about turnovers, but really Oregon’s trouncing of the Cardinal was much attributed to the Heisman performances of All Pac-12 Name recognition running backs, LaMichael James and DeAnthony Thomas.  You will be seeing both on Sundays, and that’s a Lapromise with a very strong DeGuarantee.

There may be a Trojan pre-game workup later on this week along with some picks.  However, the real tide will shift when we highlight a true all-star as he ventures East this week to Great Lakes Naval Base, Illinois and starts boot.  Look for a little profile of John Jennings Wheary, and his assault on the betterment of this place.  It’s absolutely impossible not to admire the kid.  Even tougher when you look straight up to him, both physically and figuratively.  But, we soldier on.

Roll Tide.

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  1. colebot says:

    Uh…. charlie I need some direction here. you gotta shear your sheep. my picks arent fo free.

    Im gonna John Anthony the shit out of the lines this week.

  2. colebot says:

    NYJ at -5 is a no brainer. You gotta wrassle your walrus.

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