“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond the winning.”  — Lao Tzu

Tough loss to the Trojans, but we let it go and Pasadena sounds quite pleasant this time of year.  In this week’s addition I figured I could deliver some great shots from the past to illustrate how Oregon can RollTide in this week’s Pacific-12 Championship.  For starters what you’ll get is not only a preview of The Pacific-12 Championship Numero Uno, but some knowledge on how to get business done within the friendly confines of Autzen Stadium.


Morning Recreation from Autzen Stadium – February 28, 2005

Welcome to the Actual Big House.  That tiny screen grew up a bit, and soon transitioned to a super screen with nothing left but the little house portion on the top.   Sorry Bi-Mart, my Grandpa still loves you.  We also lost our D-Coordinator Morgan Tigli that year which hit home pretty hard, so I used his regular pregame prepper to inspire the troops.  But let’s get back to some action on that mallard turf.

We’ll begin with a pictorial view of how Oregon wins the night.  We’ll illustrate some 7 on 7 IM Collegiate Football from days at the U, and let me tell you it got heated.

Pregame Speeches:

“Listen, I won’t accept losing.  I won’t let it stand if you guys get it done out there today.  You get my back, you know I got yours, and it’ll be raining PBR because we got these girls.  Now shut up, no excuses, and free Pitas if we take this bitch.”  —  Morgan Tigli: Defensive Coordinator (01-04)

“Uhhh, well gentleman, Vince Lombardi once said……screw it, just do what Tigz said” –  Charlie Wheary:  Offensive Coordinator

Damn you Ditka.

 Think Jesus and Moses running your ranch.  Uhhh, winning.

 Just calling some shots in front of a packed house

Key 1:  Capitalize weakness in the UCLA secondary.  Here you can see a typical UO athlete running a simple backside post ending in paydirt.  QB 1 Russ noticed 1 on 1 coverage on Cdub (all black in back) and capitalized with a quick shot for 6. (Yes I’ve gone third person)  It’s common knowledge  –  You always double down on two things:  11 in blackjack and Cdub split wide.  Side note – Jbone (middle end zone white shirt) cutting on the ‘E’. His seam route drew deep safety support, freeing Cdub up for iso coverage, a ploy consistently employed by the Ducks.  You force the Bruins to use their safeties to neutralize tight ends Paulson and Lyerla, or you got a WR like Josh Huff kissing you goodnight.  Our other weapon at wideout, Ahmer from the ATL, did a perfect shuffle.

Key 2:  Jumpball in paydirt.  Oregon consistently recruits and utilizes athletes who can make plays.  Translation (And pardon my french mom):  Fuck it, chuck it, and luck it to victory.  Sometimes all you need to do is close your eyes, flick the pig, and let the good times roll.

Key 3:  Big D Like LT – The picture above perfectly mirrors my analysis of how Oregon needs to play on Friday night if they hope to be smelling roses.  3 crucial pieces:  Stack the box, force constant pressure in the backfield, and let your corners earn their scholarships.

Russ and I game-planned the team above early on.  We simply utilized our version of Revis Island, Jimmie Ice (Deep background crouched and ready) and had him in all-day isolated coverage to shut down their only offensive threat.  Then we took Ahmer (near shot) and had him cover the flats and the 2 weak WR’s, with deep safety help from Boogie (Black pants nearside).  This freed up two key positions at the pass rush:  Metal Head John and myself ….And we were RELENTLESS.  Think Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor coming at you lock, stock, and full of Red-Bull.  QB Red completed 2 passes all day, with the two of us establishing residence in his backfield, dining in his doghouse, and giving a Harbaugh backslap after victory.  We rolled easily -48-14.

Moral of the story –  Get to the General early and often, and live the DeAnthony Thomas Cobra Kai Lifestyle:  Strike hard, strike fast, no mercy.  Oregon follows suit on Friday, and it’s all roses in Pasadena for the New Year.

                             You sweep the leg, you sweep the Bruins

Roll Tide.

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  1. deardrawers says:

    Awe, look at you guys, so cute with your little flags and such. And playing on Autzen field, I bet you almost felt like you were real football players. It’s precious, really. Also, Ralph Macchio looks like he’s twelve but he’s really actually 22/23. That’s messed up.


  2. Connor B says:

    absolute travesty that the rose bowl in not on January 1

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