“Yesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his last drink and swore his last oath.  Today, we are a pious and exemplary community.  Thirty days from now, we shall have cast our reformation to the winds and gone to cutting our ancient shortcomings considerably shorter than ever.”  – Mark Twain

Shortcomings….I may have a few.  But winning…..I consistently do.  You’re welcome.

Part 2 College Bowl Preview

Just loving life in the new year when I hit em early and hit em often…as in all of them, and it wasn’t even that hard.  I love love love betting on the youngsters, and so should you.  So we shall venture forth, and maybe this time you’ll take my advice.  Quick shout out to my hustlers in the trenches:  ConnorB and Colebot.  Every general needs his lieutenants.

Allstate Sugar Bowl:  New Orleans – Michigan vs. Virginia Tech.  (Michigan -3)

Should I Watch:  What the hell else are you going to do on a Tuesday night in early January?  American Idol doesn’t start for another couple weeks, so tune in to see the Blue roll some Hokies.

Should I Bet:  You’re holding trip aces and the flop just dropped Ace, Ace, King.  Translation – Easy money.  I’m laying heavy action early on the Wolverines. I think this line could shift to 4-5 in Michigan’s favor, as this VA Tech team got an absolute gift in their BCS bid.  I can actually hear the folks in Boise still screaming about losing out on the Sugar.

Mascot Challenge:  Now we’re talking.  This one is the tightest match of the year.  Wild Appalachian Hokie battling a Wolverine?    I’m leaning Michigan, but only for the Swayze and Red Dawn factor.  You never bet against Wolverines.  Never.

Discover Orange Bowl:  Miami, FL – Clemson vs. West Virginia (Clemson -3)

Should I watch:  Absolutely.  ConnorBue notified me of a kid you want to watch – Sammy Watkins.  Referenced some youtube, and this kid is lights out.  The 6 foot Frosh wide receiver will own this game.  Look for some aerial fun and fireworks in South Beach.

Should I bet:  Settle down.  Love the Tigers and will eat the points, but I’d be careful.  Something about those boys from Appalachia, they always show up.  Mountaineers will battle, but I’d take Clemson if you need to cover your losses.

Mascot Challenge:  I once met a tiger, he was not kind.  Tough battle in this one, but an armed militia backwoods mountaineer can slay even a Bengal tiger.  WVU wins this battle, but not the war.

AT&T Cotton Bowl:  Dallas, TX – Kansas State vs. Arkansas (Arkansas -8)

Should I watch:  Looking forward to this one.  So should you.  K-State is a highly underrated team battling an SEC team that once had a shot at the national championship.  So basically, it’s like the younger brother’s of Obama and McCain facing off.  Tune in.

Should I bet:  No. No. No.  8 points to a very potent offense is appealing, but the Razorbacks are all over the place.  Run.

Mascot Challenge:  My brother Gage once worked a pig farm in Germany.  His advice:  You don’t mess with the hogs.  Even against a cougar, a pig wins.  Plus with the Razorbacks in big D, I’m buying pork futures, sorry Cougs..

Roll Tide.

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  1. Colebot says:

    You gotta breed your bears. Roll Tide.

  2. Colebot says:

    Also, I’d definitely lay some dough on Clemson.

  3. Blackjack says:

    Worst NC ever

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