“I am The Miracle”  —  Buddha

I may not be Buddha, that is still up to debate.  The fact that Oregon won it’s first Festival of Roses in almost a century laid the kindling.  However, the real bonfire occurred in the most lopsided victory in BCS history, with the Tuscaloosa Crimson hammering the LSU Tigers in the Big Easy.  Roll Tide – It’s the motto.  RollingTide, that’s the solution.

Roll Tide.

So lets recap, I form a blog revolving around The Tide and the Ducks, and within months the Quackers get Rosy and The Tide hoist the Crystal Ball?  I’m seriously considering selling my services.  Can you see gaining traction?  Or should I go after Urban Meyer and drop  May take a flyer though, and roll, because Brady Hoke is no joke and that offense is scary.  By the way all three site domains are available, so I got options.

Sorry this post will be very brief, but if you have even a minute, please read This Article.

I have subscribed and read Sports Illustrated for the past 19 years, and this is by far the most powerful article I have ever read.  It centers on the aftermath from the worst tornado in Alabama history last April.  I saw 3 post game championship interviews with players that referenced this horrific event.  Amazing article.  Read it.  Live it.  And above all…

Roll Tide.

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