All it took was a little kid named Miles Scott to remind me that this world is a beautiful beautiful place.

So, to the Batkid on the prowl in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I salute you.  You are a beacon for everything that is right in the world.  I got your back Batkid!

I won’t explain, just read the story, take a look at the pictures, and remember that when people truly come together, nothing but compassion and sincere good-will takes shape.


I’m in awe, and I’ve been in awe for 3 days reading about this little tyke.  I would give anything to be in the Bay this weekend and see this kid take out the Riddler, grub with Batman, and save Lou Seal.  I heart Batkid.

Ok now back to reality.  And reality is this….

Your off-shore gambling brokerage has been hurting due to my leave of absence.  For this I apologize.  So let’s take a little looky look at this weekend in sport and see if I can give you a little insight so you can get your girl roses instead of carnations next weekend.  #ColeWern!   So my game of the week:

Stanford v. SC  tonight at 5 PM.

My good bud Jimmie and myself argued about this for 21 hours this week, as the Oregon Ducks got all eyes on this game.

#1.  If SC wins, that means two big losses for Stanford in Pac-12 play, setting the stage for the Duckers to dance with ASU or SC in the Pac-12 Championship.  And a tough, but possible, chance that they could play in the National Championship.  Or as my brother Connor Bue calls it, the NATTY BRAH!!!

#2.  If Stanford wins, they can set up camp in Pasadena early, as this would be there trip to the “Grandaddy of them All” and a War of the Roses with either Ohio State or Wisconsin.

#3.  C-dub gets called up to either head the offense for the SF Niners (Because Colin Kaepernick just isn’t getting the JOB done) or for the Ducks (Because Mariotta has a destroyed left knee and someone’s got to get the rock to Josh Huff!).

#4.  Colin Kaepernick stops wearing red suits and sunglasses indoors to the ESPYs and instead focuses on football.  All is well in the world.

Cdub’s Everlast Locks of the Week

Starting with my Game of the Week!

Stanford at USC (+4)

Grab those four points and buy yourself a Trojan Condom because the boys from South Central will more than cover that spread.  I like SC winning outright.  Thank you for the four points, can I have your girlfriend while I’m at it Vegas!

Philly Eagles at the DC Insenitives (+4)

Bill Simmons refuses to aknowledge the absolutely offensive name of the team in Washington DC.  I’m on board.  In doing so I think that Nick Foles will throw 19 touchdowns, easily cover the 4 points, and dawn a Native American Headdress while giving the proverbial ‘bird’ to the entire District of Colombia on Sunday.

SF Niners at New Orleans (-3.5)

Love Drew Brees.  We already reviewed my thoughts about Captain Colin.  Tough call being that I live and die in Niner Red, but after witnessing Drew Brees kidnap the entire NY Giants team on Sunday night, I’m buying Brees stock and sitting pretty.  Take the points, the Saints and a little sip of bourbon, and eat some jambalaya.  It’s just too bad that Batkid isn’t at QB for SF.  Speaking of Batkid….

Batkid vs. America’s Hearts (-100,000,000)

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a 100 million point spread, but Batkid can easily cover.  I’d take this line if it were 1 Billion.

That’s all I got.  But remember one person on this earth personifies my definition of Roll Tide – Batkid.

Roll Tide Batkid.  Roll Tide.

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