I would like to take a minute and thank everyone who’s had an influence in my life and say thank you.  You are much appreciated.  This is my favorite month and it centers on gratitude.  So let’s take a little look at the soldiers in MA.

My heroes of the week:  The 14 staff members and specifically editor-in-chief Gillian McGoldrick, of the Neshaminy High School newspaper, ‘The Playwickian’, for refusing to acknowledge and ultimately dropping the  offensive and reprehensible term “Redskins” off the school paper letterhead.


Local controversy was instantaneous. The newspaper editors said school officials e-mailed a “directive” questioning the students’ right to ban the word and ordering its continued use by the paper at least until a Nov. 19 hearing over the issue. And the staff was told it wasn’t allowed to reject advertisements using the word, like the one from an alumnus extolling “a century of school and community, history pride and tradition, go Skins.”

This is my new fight:  The use of the word or mascot “Redskins”, especially in a publicly funded high school, is beyond wrong and I wrote an email to the Neshaminy School District Board demanding a complete and very comprehensive apology from the principal, Robert Mcgee who stated:

“I don’t think that (The use of the term Redskins) has been decided at the national level, whether that word is or is not offensive.  It’s our school mascot,” Mcgee said.  “I see it as a First Amendment issue running into another First Amendment issue.”

Mr. McGee, I see my fists pummeling your face as my own invented amendment right,  and just an example of how morally skewed and offensive your remarks are.   If I had a child they would not be in attendance for one day at your high school as long as you were running the show.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

I am a history and political science major, so I have a pretty good understanding of the absolute genocide inflicted upon Native Americans in our country’s early youth.  I will not budge on this issue.  The word “Redskin” is beyond offensive, racist, and synonymous with the darkest time of our country, right alongside slavery.  The United Nations and international definition of the term genocide is as follows:  “The deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethic, racial, caste, religious, or national group.”  Make no mistake, this was the case and happened with Native Americans.

In modern times there have been only four blatant examples of genocide that are tough to debate:  The Holocaust and Nazi Germany during WWII, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, The Hutu/Tutsi Conflict in Rwanda, and the almost complete destruction of the U.S. Native American indigenous population.  If you care to argue this reality, I’ll just let the facts speak for themselves.  In 1500 the estimated North American Indian population was 12 Million.  In 1900, that number was approximately 237,000.  So basically the entire current population of Pennsylvania was reduced to the city of Pittsburg in a couple hundred years.  This happened.  Philadelphia and the rest of PA, wiped off the face of the planet.  Still disagree?  Here’s the website:  http://hnn.us/article/7302  The domain name is .US so I think they may be reputable.  Otherwise, you can pretty much disregard your sanity and join Team Mel Gibson.

Now back to my point.  If you read the little paragraph above, how can you actually defend any public United States taxpayer funded high school or university using the word “Redskins”???!!!!  Dan Snyder can do whatever he wants, he owns the DC Redskins and that is a private NFL enterprise.  That is his right as a U.S. businessman.  I don’t agree, but it is his given right.  He can call them the DC Crackers for all I care.  But when a rich presumably Caucasian season ticket holder in the District of Colombia or an also white privileged deuschbag principal in Massachusetts (Hey I’m exorcising my first amendment rights Principle Dickhead!  And dickheads and deuschbags weren’t even killed off in alarming numbers in our past!  They should have been, but somehow just kept on running!!!)  Anyway if Dickhead McGee decides to state that utter excrement of a quote, I have a huge problem.  And I’m right.

Let me first state, I’m not calling for Principal McGee or anyone to be fired for this matter.  I don’t believe anyone should call for someone to be fired unless that person broke a serious law or did something so egregious to warrant a firing.  I think that public employment executions are fueled by judgment and fury that is commonplace in our society, and I do not back any part of that reality.  However, I do think a parade should be held for those 14 kids standing up and voicing their fierce objection, in the face of school management, to a very racist term that most any Native American would probably object to.  If you disagree that’s fine, but just ask an Indigenous American (As in, there blood line started on this continent long before yours or mind did) if they find the term “Redskin”  offensive?  Chances are you probably you don’t know one.  There are only a select few with actual legitimate bloodlines.  Your and my ancestors murdered all the rest.  But go ahead and make fun of the tone of their skin asshole, or call it your first amendment right to do so.  Or you could make a donation to the Native American Heritage Association and remember what a beautiful world this is, and one that should be built upon acceptance and good-will towards others.  Or you could complain that changing the name of the Washington D.C. or other select High School Redskins hurts you in some way.  That’s what a terrible person does.  That’s the line Dickhead McGee walked.  That is not how you Roll Tide.

How do you Roll Tide?  Stand up and make it be known you stand for integrity and don’t believe or acknowledge something so reprehensible , no matter how many adults tell you that you are wrong.   Keep fighting the good fight Editor-In-Chief Mr. McGoldrick.  I hope you’re leading the New York Times in the near future.  The world needs more people like you kid.

Roll Tide.

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